Retreats For Congregations

Enrich Lives and Inspire Joy

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared with what lies within us." ~Oliver Wendall Holmes


When you bring a program to your congregation, you want something that will enrich lives and inspire living in a more spirit-filled way. Our Life as a River workshops and retreats provide exciting opportunities for discovery and an invitation to grow in a deeper relationship with yourself, God, and one another.


The programs listed below are invitations to step into the magnificence of who God has empowered you to become.


Your Life is Calling You!


Often when we sense the need for change, it’s a “calling” to express ourselves more boldly and in greater ways. Experience this fun interactive discovery seminar where you will learn six strategies to change your life. These powerful strategies help you find your passion and gain clarity, direction and purpose. When we learn to follow our callings in life, we become aligned with our deepest values and find what will bring more health, wealth and happiness.

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Creating a Life You’ll Love


Are you living a life you love? Or are you putting your life on hold by playing the “waiting game”? Always waiting…


This is living a default life – waiting for things to get better someday.


Imagine right now that you have the ability to create a life you will love - a life that is soul-satisfying and truly aligned with the authentic you. This is a life that gives you; peace of mind; a healthy mind, body and spirit; relationships that inspire you; intimacy that nourishes you, family and community for mutual love and support and more.


As a participant, you’ll learn five keys to create more joy and fulfillment. You’ll also leave with a plan of action to create a life you’ll love.


Bringing Your Spirit to Work


Oftentimes, people lose themselves to the demands of work.They feel they can't be their true selves at the office.


Suppressing ourselves to fit into others’ views of the world can lead to depression, emptiness and questioning ourselves as to what is missing in our lives. Finding joy in our work means bringing out our true spirit.


This seminar is designed to discover your true spirit and uncover ways that allow you to live more authentically in your work and life. We’ll explore:

Other Workshops and Seminars

  • Life As A Tapestry: Opening to Grace
  • Leading from Within
  • The Magic of Mercy
  • Life as a River: A Personal Exploration for Women

Programs can be specifically designed to meet your groupís needs

Discover what will bring your spirit alive at work and in your life.

Step into Your Magnificence!


"I immensely enjoyed participating in both Life is Calling You and Life as a River at my church community. Both of these affirming workshops offered meaningful experiential learning in a safe and intimate setting. At the end of each session, I felt inspired and ready to take steps that would allow my own light to shine more brightly. I am now creating work I love and was born to do! "


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