For Teams

“The achievements of an organization are the result of the combined efforts of each individual.” – Vince  Lombardi


Team Coaching and Special Project Facilitation


Coaching is a powerful tool designed to support a team in moving improvements and plans into action. The process of team coaching promotes:


Through active listening, probing questions and structured processes that facilitate discovery, coaching accelerates the abilities of teams. Relevant information is also offered to support the team in learning ways to improve performance.

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for Team Coaching or Special Project Facilitation.

Professional and Personal Development Workshops with Follow-up Coaching  


Workshops are customized to meet the needs of each organization and team. Here are some or the topics that are often requested:

Assessments for Leadership Development and Self-Mastery

We emphasize getting results through engaging human potential.  We use processes that help you think more creatively to find direction and move through challenges. Connection is magnetic!

Sometimes organizations may not see the link between releasing human potential and getting results. However, it is this connection with passion and creativity that allows an organization to move to a new level of performance.   

Build High Performing Teams That...


  • Share a common goal
  • Collaborate and communicate more effectively to accelerate results
  • Have mutual trust and respect that give momentum
  • Create synergy and interdependence 
  • Maintain a positive and productive environment
  • Focus on solutions rather that problems
  • Use challenges as guideposts to success

"I found my experiences with Dale to be among the most professionally and personally rewarding, due to her creative insights, her willingness to challenge paradigms and mental models and her commitment and compassion for team members and the customer. Dale skillfully facilitated the team in staying focused on the goal. When team members were stuck, she used creative approaches and solutions to move them forward. Through Dale's expert coaching, I was able to improve my personal effectiveness in dealing with groups and in conflict resolutions."

J. Bajalia, Director of Corporate Projects BCBSFL