Especially For Women

"A river sings a holy song conveying the mysterious truth that we are a river, and if we are ignorant of this natural law, we are lost."
Thomas Moore - The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life


Many women are making courageous transitions in their lives to follow a call to their deeper truth. For you, it may be about…

In any case, it’s often about making a bold decision to live a more purposeful and joy-filled life. Our workshops for women take you on a journey of discovery to awaken your spirit and guide you in getting into the flow of the life that is waiting for you.


You may also want to consider Discovery Coaching so you have a partner who is a guide and cheerleader for your success.


Life as a River:  A Personal Exploration

A special retreat for women to explore your call and get clarity on how the River is moving in your life.


Imagine your life as a river...


As women, our hearts may become dehydrated from the day-to-day busyness of life and the inherent struggles in the roles we play. Our souls then become thirsty to find what we most long for and need.


In this dynamic workshop, the river is used as a powerful metaphor to explore your life’s journey. Through creative activities such as art, imagery and inquiry, you will tap your innate divinity and discover the current of your own truth.


Experience the joy and power of women coming together to explore compelling questions and learn from each other’s discoveries. Leave with a sense of renewal and commitment to live in the natural flow of who you truly are!

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Life is a River:  Leadership for Women

Imagine your work and life as a river...

What if one of the keys to being a powerful leader is simply getting into your natural flow?


This highly interactive process will help you discover your natural flow to lead more effectively in the roles of your life.


You will develop strategies to turn obstacles into guideposts that give you direction to your future success. Further strategic impact will come from preparing a personalized plan of action to acquire the results you want. You will find your key strengths to lead from a place within that is most powerful for you.


Come and explore a refreshing new way to lead that brings out the magnificence in you and keeps the journey fun!

"The river is inside me now, I know, and I need only wait and see where the current takes me, and what lies beneath it.”

~Jeff Wallach, What the River Says


Let the River of Your Spirit Flow…



"I found Life As A River and Life Is Calling  workshops to be life enhancing and both times walked away with the realization that I am a very powerful woman and capable of doing anything I want to do.  The first workshop I took with Dale was the springboard for me to launch into a new career and I now have a deep sense of happiness and fulfillment. Dale really connects with her audience and I always feel she is talking right to me even if there are 50 or more people in the room.”


V. B., Account Executive
Local TV Station

"The experience of the Life as a River workshop was enriching and empowering for me. Dale is a very compassionate and compelling speaker regarding personal development and encouraging learning from our unique life experiences. The openness evoked by Dale was quite profound for a one-day workshop experience. I feel blessed to have journeyed with her and this group of women on this day of revelation and growth for me."


G. P. H., Pediatric and Psychiatric R.N.