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In the quiet of a sleepless night, have these questions begged for answers?


What do I want most in my life right now?  
What are my heart’s deepest desires?
In which direction am I called?


In asking these questions, it’s often an invitation or a calling from life itself to live life more boldly and with more depth.  More than ever, you know it’s time to find what will awaken your heart and nourish your soul.


We’re here to guide you in finding the answers you seek through a variety of coaching solutions:


Are you ready for a change in your life?


Take a few moments to consider these questions:


On a scale from 1 to 10,
rate each of the following statements:
(if not applicable, score the item a 5).

1  2  3  4 5  6 7 8 9  10
Don't agree at all Somewhat agree Totally agree

  1. I am ready to create more balance in my life.
  2. I am ready to improve my personal or business relationships.
  3. I am ready to make real, positive changes in my life.
  4. I am ready to find - and live - my life's purpose.
  5. I am ready to create a vision for my life and/or business.
  6. I am ready and willing to discover and overcome my self-limiting beliefs and behaviors.
  7. I am ready to create plans and take action to achieve my goals.
  8. I am ready to achieve a sense of fulfillment at work and in my life.
  9. I am ready for more fun and enjoyment in my life.
  10. I can benefit from someone who will help me to stay on track.


Now, add up your score.




You Can Live the Life that is Calling You


Ultimately, when people say they want to make a change or get out of the struggle, what they really mean is they want to experience more joy and ease, more peace, or just more lightness in their busy lives.  


You have it within yourself to create any life you want. Our coaches are here as guides to walk side-by-side on your unique journey.


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You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you'll discover will be wonderful. What you'll discover is yourself.” ~ Alan Alda 

Discovery Coaching


Join Us in this Deeply Fulfilling Process


We partner with you to uncover your innate passions, gifts, and values – and work with you to bring these to fruition. We support you in reaching your goals by breaking through previously irresolvable barriers and opening new doors.


What are the Benefits of Discovery Coaching?


With Discovery Coaching, you’ll have the experience of coming together to ignite this powerful connection in you.


Through one-on-one coaching sessions you’ll experience step-by-step discovery, and the joy of bringing yourself more fully into the world.


These steps include:   


  1. Coming to know the nutrients of your soul
  2. Unearthing your true essence, which may get buried in your day-to-day life
  3. Connecting to desires that open you to your “being and doing” vision


Real Change is Within Your Reach


A coach guides you in discovering the answers already within you, ready to be tapped. It is our goal to assist you to create the life you were always meant to live.


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Discovery Workshops

(Click on each workshop title to get more information.)

  • Are you feeling restless and know it's time to venture out beyond your current way of life?
  • Have you been thinking about a change, yet held back because of uncertainty?

Often when we sense the need for change, it’s a “calling” to express ourselves more boldly and in grander ways.

Experience this fun, interactive discovery seminar where you will learn six strategies that will change your life. These powerful strategies help you find your passion and gain clarity, direction and purpose.

After all, when we learn to follow our callings in life, we become aligned with our deepest values and find what will bring more health, wealth and happiness.

The great awareness comes slowly, piece by piece. The path of spiritual growth is a path of lifelong learning. The experience of spiritual power is basically a joyful one. ~M. Scott Peck

Are you living a life you love? Or are you putting your life on hold by playing the “waiting game”? Always waiting…

  • For the kids to grow up?
  • For your graduation?
  • Until retirement?
  • For others to make decisions about their own lives? for the weekend - or vacation?

This is living a default life – waiting for things to get better someday.

Imagine right now that you have the ability to create a life you will love - a life that is soul-satisfying and truly aligned with the authentic you. This is a life that gives you peace of mind, relationships that inspire you, intimacy that nourishes you, family and community for mutual love and support, and more.

As a participant, you’ll learn five keys to create more joy and fulfillment. You’ll also leave with a plan of action to create a life you’ll love.

We all have ability. The difference is how we use it.
~ Stevie Wonder

Are you not being your true self at work? Do you ever wonder exactly who you are when you're at the office?

Suppressing yourself to fit into others’ views of the world can lead to depression and emptiness and questioning yourself as to what is missing in your life. Finding joy in your work means bringing out your true spirit.

This workshop is designed to explore:

  • Three powerful ways which connect you to your true spirit
  • Igniting your passion and being authentic
  • Bringing your spirituality to work to stay centered
  • Your unique ways to bring more balance and focus to your life

Discover what will bring your spirit alive at work and in your life.

  • Your Personal Blueprint for Prosperity
  • Leading from Within
  • How to Bring Spirituality into Your Everyday Life
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Bring Yourself
Fully into the World!


"The real voyage of discovery lies not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes."
~Marcel Proust


"The coaching experience was quite incredible and truly eye opening for me.Your coaching techniques helped me step forward and step out. I really appreciate your consistent kind words, support, your genuine sincerity and understanding of my needs and goals. Thanks to your natural abilities, I was able to develop some more of my hidden treasures.”


Sheryl Lynn, Founder
Local Applause

"Every calling is great
when greatly pursued"

~Oliver Wendell Holmes


“Life as a River was engaging and empowering! The discovery processes helped me to find and get anchored during a time of transition in my life. I appreciate the valuable gifts Dale brings that empower people to tap into their authentic self and to find clarity in direction. I would highly recommend this program and coaching to others who are seeking ways to lead their life more authentically and with more fulfillment.”


S. W., Executive Director of Non-profit